Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Distraction

My art habit has been in serious decline since the Spring weather hit, which it has done with a vengeance. With the longer days, and this being our first Spring in this house and lots of projects in mind I've become pretty focused on outdoor projects (actually my husband used the word "relentless" last weekend, lovingly I'm sure).  I'm covered in cuts and bruises, and have managed to injure my shoulder and wrist, but I don't even care. 

In the meantime I've done just a few things, a couple of sketches in my little Kraft paper journal. I love the clown below, I drew it from a picture of an actual clown doll. And the one below it is the face detail of an old Punch marionette.

I did some spray stencils on a page from one of my journals ages ago and ran across it and decided I needed to finish it.  I hadn't collaged in a while, it was quick and fun.

In my last post I showed the below pastel I'd done on an old French paper, and mentioned that I'd reworked it some afterwards. Someone mentioned they'd like to see the "after", which is below. I have to say that when I was doing it the changes seemed much more dramatic than they appear here. But I was happier with it so that's what counts!




  1. Tis my aim to be covered in cuts and bruises by the end of April lol...lovely to see you arting again, and I too like the reworking of the face :D XXX

  2. Sweet faces! The reworked version of the face on the old French paper is surprisingly different. Much softer and 'more finished' somehow. She's lovely.

    Enjoy being relentless outside, I wonder what you can be doing to cause yourself such injuries?!


  3. Swoon! I hope your arm is feeling much better now. Sometimes those things hang on and you think they will never get better but it will!

    I just LOVE the shading you've done and your faces are so good. I think I like your before better than your after, so that shows you how little I do of faces! My faces look pretty flat. I'm inspired to do better. You rock!

  4. Oh, such beautiful work - the clown face is amazing and I love his expressive face, such depth to it. The journal page is fab - I love the figure on the text, and the text on the stencilling - you always add such interesting depth and layers to your work. The face is amazing and I can't quite put my finger on what you've done but I can see a difference - even if I don't know what the difference is!! Do look after your shoulder and wrist - I hope they don't get any worse, but I do understand the need to 'get out there' after all these winter months stuck in doors!

  5. Ohhhh these are so good! I LOVE your clown and the kraft paper pieces - and seeing your B & A ;) xo!

  6. Lovely work Terri......I especially love the face on the book page (before and after!)

    Hope you are healed now:)

    Karen x


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