Thursday, February 19, 2015

So far so good

In my last post I talked about a commitment I made to spend time during the evenings after work in my studio, no matter what I was doing in there, to try and create a better, more productive art habit.  I haven't been perfect, but there's been a large improvement.  Some of my art time I admit has been on the couch instead of in the studio, doing some sketching, but I figure that mostly counts. I've been working on a present for someone that I can't show yet, and I've spent some time just catching up on videos from online classes but I do have a few smaller things to show for my time.

I have a small journal made from Kraft paper that has a section of unlined paper, and I've been making some small quick sketches in them, for practice and maybe future ideas.  This is one of them.

I later did a version of it in pastels - a medium that I have a love/hate relationship with. I actually like my little sketch better than this version, often the case for me as I really do love the delicacy and detail of graphite sketches.

This one was painted, trying for a loose more impressionistic feel.

And this one is just because it was in with the other pictures I downloaded! Love his big tuna can feet!


  1. Great work Terri and well done for getting into your studio on a more regular basis :)

    I love the sketch and your pastels.

    Wonderful ghostly feel to the second one .....

    The last one reminds me of a famous artist - but I can't remember who it is!!!!

    Someone looks very happy and comfy and can I say cute? :)

    Karen x

  2. These are all very beautiful and all so very different. I think the pencil sketch is exquisite, the face is soulful and so full of emotion. I'm echoing Karen here, but the last one definitely reminds me of the work of someone famous but I can't think who it is either! Perhaps it will come to me and I'll let you know! It's great that you are getting into the routine of using your studio more regularly - I find it helps me unwind and relax a lot more.

  3. Such calming and peaceful images. How I long for the days when I had time to just sit under a tree and dream...with a cute furry friend for company :D XXX

  4. Gosh your pastel artwork is lovely! The ghostly one is so sweet.

    I know that slurpy side eye look when trying to take a photo when they're seriously sleeping! Great photo, love the feet :)


  5. Wow. wowie wow. THIS is what happens when we spend time in the evenings. I love the graphite feel I love that white! I love that little doggy schnozz!!

    Even if you didn't draw that yourself...


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