Monday, January 26, 2015

Studio Time

I've been struggling to get myself motivated to spend time in my studio, for a while now, I find it so easy to let life derail my good art intentions. But now the holidays are over, things are settling down so I have no excuses, yet I was still struggling.  So I decided to commit to myself that I would spend a minimum of time, by a certain time, in my studio in the evenings after work. From approx. 6:30 til at least 8 I plan to be in my studio - whether or not I'm actually creating art, but I will be in there.  And so far so good - I've created some, and spent some time just catching up on videos from my long-neglected Gillian Lee Smith online class, but at least I've been in there.  And I'm feeling better.

This was an exercise from my class, in acrylics, working on tones, without worrying about actual color.  So we took a photo and exaggerated the contrast and worked from that.  I enjoyed it, and am okay with how it turned out, so that's given me some confidence to want to keep going.  I feel like confidence is a muscle I need to keep exercising, because I seem to lose it so easily. I imagine I'm not alone in that.


  1. Definitely not alone!

    I read once that the most important thing is just to show up!

    I love how you worked without colour.... such an expressive face.

    Keep flexing that muscle:)

    Karen x

  2. Oh you are SO not alone in feeling that way!

    I had let life get in the way of my arting too - and I felt thoroughly frustrated with myself. So I now have to have a very good reason to NOT go in my studio - arting is the default position. It takes self discipline some nights and there are mixed results but I always feel happier after a couple of hours arting than I do watching tv or faffing on the computer!

    Wowzers to the face, lady! Great expression and the monotone gives a great effect. Well done!


  3. So glad to see you getting your mojo back. I love the face - it's beautiful and strong, and the lack of colour makes it all the more striking.
    I have to agree that making a regular time to go into the studio is a great idea - it definitely helps me, and sometimes I might do nothing but tidy up or have a sort out - but at least I'm in there and that's half the battle!

  4. Aaaaw Gillian's class is great isn't it? She is a wonderful teacher and I was so excited to spend real studio time with her for a whole week. I love what you have done above :)
    I hope you are keeping well!

  5. oh wow - such great light and shadow in this piece. Keep showing up!

  6. I love this so much. It's luminous!
    Because of the speed and mundanity of most of our daily lives, it's so easy to forget what art practice gives us. I'm glad that you have been finding time for yourself. It's a layered process that has deep value, and because it's complex, it can be hard to face it when there are so many other things that give us quick fixes.

    Or maybe I'm just blabbing about myself...


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