Thursday, February 13, 2014

Art Journal Stubbornness

In spite of what my blog may have lead you to believe, I actually have been creating a little art here and there.  But I've been doing it in a journal that has become almost impossible to photograph much less scan, and with my working hours and the weather I've had no good outside light to photograph in anyway.  So why, you may ask, am I continuing to work in this journal that won't even stay open on it's own?  Because I just can't stand the thought of an unfinished journal! Permanently unfinished anyway.  So I think I'm trying to hurry my way through it now, probably not the best mindset to have when creating!

But today, we had some sunshine around here, and my valiant husband has been at home trying to wrestle this journal into staying open long enough to photograph it. I know he tried double sided tape, rubber bands and various kinds of grippers, so he's my hero!


  1. I know what you mean about not liking unfinished journals - they feel unloved to me.

    Perhaps it is not so bad as you think to want to just fill it up - it's definitely produced some beautiful pages. Sometimes with a new journal you worry about making each new page perfect - at the end it feels a little freer. Especially love the gorgeous face and the witch hazel - I can smell it from here!

    Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day - well done to your sweet husband for helping you with the elastic band plan :)

    Karen x

  2. Missed having your around, glad you're back, love your journal pages especially the sensible woman face, what a fabulous expression!

  3. I bet that (almost) finished journal is wonderful to look through - you latest pages are gorgeous; my favourites are A Sensible Woman (I agree with paper Rainbow, that IS a fabulous expression) and "As slowly as the ripening fruit', I really like the watercolour with pen and ink.

    Happy Valentines day to Mr and Mrs C!


  4. Oh, my heaventy sakes!
    These are lovely beautiful yummy pages. You have a gift for color, young lady. It pops while still being understated.

  5. He's a good man! I love love love what you've done here - all the color and detail - and the focus on finishing it. My favorite is the woman - but there is a lot to love here! xoxo

  6. Wow, where to start - they are all absolutely fab! I LOVE the witch hazel - it's one of my favourite winter plants and you have captured it beautifully - the water colouring is exquisite. The face is beautiful - wonderful background and I love her expression. It's really spooky (or coincidental!) how you've used a book plate in your work as I have just removed a large pile of them from my book case up to my studio to use in art, as I have sooooo many of them - as a book lover I get given loads of them! I was about to give them to charity and then thought I might be able to do something with them - so look out in about 5 years time (that's how long most stuff seems to stay in my studio before being used!).

  7. Thanks so much for sharing these pages. I really love the translucent quality of the woman with all the lettering behind. Stunning! We had some sunshine today so I hope you are thawing too and coming out of hibernation. Happy PPF

  8. Ha! I LOVE my comment - you totally cracked me up! Don't fight the fight - they are worth eating peanut butter for a week, lol! Click on the link . . .. :)))) oxxo


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