Monday, February 24, 2014

Studying Under The Masters

I made a sudden decision to belatedly join Studying Under the Masters, on Jeanne Oliver's ning site here. It's going to be available for 2 years, so I don't have to feel in any hurry and I like that there are 9 different artists teaching it.  I've started watching the Gaudi lesson, he was actually an architect and WOW, I want to go to Spain now.   Below is a quick sketch and watercolor of one of his stained glass windows, done in my fabric journal on a really thin layer of plaster.

And speaking of copying, which is a large focus of this class, below is a smaller version I did of one of Kate Thompson's pieces (called Kate the Great), which you can see here in this blog post.  Kate is actually one of the teachers in Studying under the Masters, and I figured she wouldn't mind me giving it a try.  This is also done in my fabric/plaster journal which I actually made in one of her online classes.  

And I thought I'd share a couple of pics I took last week while my Mom and I were waiting for our men to finish golfing, sitting on a bench with this view of Bodega Bay. We went there for the day and got so lucky with the weather, as you can see.


  1. I adore Gaudi!! I visited Barcelona a few years ago and to see the Sagrada Familia cathedral for real was brilliant, the roof of casa batllo is amazing too as it looks like the back of a dragon, it really is quite breathtaking if you love Gaudi as I do. You have inspired me to take a look at the course, I hadn't heard of it but it does sound great!!

  2. I've heard about this class- it sounds SO interesting.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you get up too.

    Good start! Looks like you will be building up a travel 'wish list' too as you work on different artists!

    The 'textures' on your plaster face are amazing.

    Great view in your photographs.... I'm dreaming of spring/summer :)

    Karen x

  3. Wow, that course sounds great - Gaudi's work is fabulous, his use of colour was phenomenal, I especially love his mosaics - I love what you've done on the plaster background - the colours are beautiful. The face is also amazing - the shading is perfectly beautiful. Looks like you'll be having a fun time - I'm looking forward to following your work.

  4. Wow, your plaster pages are amazing. Your colors and subtle shading are just gorgeous. I love the vintage feel of them - and LOVE the stain glass.
    And your photos?! Love that view! xoxo

  5. Awesome!! I had never even heard of Kate Thompson!
    It's a fun course, isn't it? So.... rich!


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