Monday, January 20, 2014

Coming out of Hibernation

You'd think the way I've been behaving that I've been living with the horrible cold and snow and storms that have beset other parts of the country, rather than the opposite record-breaking drought and unrelenting 68-70 degree weather we've been having.  At least then I'd have a better excuse for wanting to do nothing but hole up at home and read and watch Harry Potter and go to bed early.  Instead the sunshine has been cruelly taunting me, giving me no excuse for my behavior, so I finally got out in some over the weekend, then came home and pulled out an art journal.

A couple of these I had already started but never finished.  It felt good to just play once I got going, therapeutic as always and time just flies by.


  1. Hurrah, you're back!! Wouldn't it be great if we could swap a couple of daysworth of weather?! Over the past few weeks it's been very very wet here and today it was very very cold - I wouldn't mind some sunshine!

    Your journal pages are all so different, they're super! There's such a depth to the first one. My favourite is probably the second one - I love the way you've used the images with the quote and then added your adorable birdie and doodles. Yes, that is definitely my favourite. Although wait a minute - look at that gal and her crow, she's fab! And then again the last one is gorgeous, with the stunning paint background and flowers - are they rubber stamp flowers or did you draw them yourself?

    Keep 'em coming Terri, no more hibernating!

    ps thank you for commenting on my blog posts, it's always lovely to see you've popped by :)

  2. A heat wave? We rarely get those even in the height of summer! Your journal pages are alk so different and each is lovely although the last one is definitely my favourite-i love Ali those colours with the black flower outlines.

  3. Oh Terri so glad to see you out of hibernation.

    I loved sharing what you have been up too.

    My favourite is Fear...... I just love it so much.

    Report back on your class soon :)

    Karen x

    I have written down the words of 'This bright new day...... so inspiring.

  4. Lovely, lovely pages, i especially like your merry band of Jesters ( Or musicians? )How fun that so far we all like different pages best! So glad you are back in blogland. :)

  5. Ha, your weather is just miserable! I know, it's terrible like that here too :) AND I so get wanting to just hang out and read or (in my case) watch TV. Sometimes we need that distance - and then right when you leave the house - smack! You're back into the studio!
    Glad to hear it though - as what you finished off are a joy to look at! I really like all of them - the depth in the first is so cool and I LOVE the face on fear. Bravo!
    Oh, and I totally agree about the hearts :0 xoxo

  6. Terri, I have been doing the same. I don't know what's gotten into me, but I'd rather just doodle and watch TV than blog or go online. I visit instagram, but that's only because it takes about a minute. Then I go back to doodling. I love these images, but I think my favorite is the flowers. So pretty.
    I'm probably going to be taking my blog down. I'm hoping I can still keep in touch through email, flickr and instagram. we'll see if no blog = no community...

  7. he he he. . . I totally loved my comment. Yep, pretty palette - you got it! xoxoxo

  8. Wow, you've really come back with pizazz and style - it's great to see your wonderful creations again - I love the jesters - such amazing figures and I love the setting you've placed them in - beautiful. They are all fabulous pieces of work and although everyone is choosing a favourite I simply can't!

  9. Helllllo! Thank you for your sweet comment - I'm not sure what maker it is, but the clear transparent thing is an old scrap booking item (the stripes were there) that I had in my stash. I hope you are well and having a good week! xoxo

  10. Hi Hi!! Thank you!! Well, you know where they're going first ;) and then from that, who knows? I really think I should start selling some things, but my Etsy is going nowhere fast. Hmmm. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day! xoxo


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