Monday, January 14, 2013

Feeling Rusty

I'm popping my head back up into the blogosphere, to see if I still remember how! Between Christmas vacation, illness, and just general post-holiday apathy, until this weekend I'd just been trying not to look at the messy chaos that was my art desk, not touched since mid-December.  But I had no excuses this weekend to not dip my toe back into the art world, and I feel much better now that I did. I'm going through a certain amount of angst about where I want to go with my art right now, what I want to focus on, but this weekend I just played in a couple of art journals. It's been a long time since I worked in one, and I'd missed it. 

I had some fun doing a couple of collages. The scan on this first one came out terrible, because the journal is so fat.  Plus, apparently I moved it while scanning, because I just noticed her face is all wonky.

   I finally did another page in my handmade art journal, which I tend to save for something special, so in other words I never use it.

I felt the need to paint a face on this piece of shopping bag I'd saved - I know you understand.


  1. Hi Terri

    I love your journal pages.... they are both so beautiful.

    Yes, I totally get the urge to paint on something like a shopping bag!!!!

    Play and have fun and I'm sure you'll find the direction you want to go :)

    Karen x

  2. You did the best thing by picking up those brushes and letting yourself play - you'll let yourself know what direction to take your art in when you're ready.

    LOVE the stripy socks on your 'Be still' woman and yes, OF COURSE you had to paint that beautiful face on the bag!


  3. January is such an angsty month. I keep finding myself getting sucked into my own little spirals of angst, and it's true that just getting the hands busy and playing does much to revive the spirit. Love what you've created!

  4. Your work is stunning Terri... adore you collages and your painting... and yes... totally get the shopping bag... happy you had some art play...

    Jenny ♥

  5. oh Terri at least you seem to be creating!


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