Wednesday, October 10, 2012

King Brownie

I challenged my significantly talented significant other to make a robot out of all salvaged items from my stash or that he could find, and only told him I wanted to use this old Brownie camera as the body. He took it and ran with it, and here's what he made. His head swivels, and his arms move.  It turned out better than I could even have imagined...

Also, I realized I'd never posted this piece I finished last week. It's a sister to a piece I'd made earlier, although that one was smaller and had a different kind of old ceiling tin as the center. This is one of the larger pieces I'm taking to the show, at 2' x 2'.

Couldn't resist using another larger Frozen Charlotte head...

I love the old brass 5 I used in the corner - it was pretty hard to give up...


  1. Love King Brownie. You both are so talented.

  2. Long live the King! What a clever SO you have - this is amazing. Then, you're no slouch either because this art piece is equally amazing - love the old touches that you've added to what feels like a contemporary background. Beautiful.

  3. Oh he is SO cute.... I just love his happy red face!

    Your OH is VERY clever.... He rose well to the challenge!!!

    Love your other piece too, all the digs and dents and bits and bobs and the frozen charlotte head!!! and the subtle colour.


  4. Your significant other IS very clever, he looks like he had great fun creating King Brownie!

    I know just what you mean about having to be strong giving up favourite pieces, like that gorgeous brass 5. I totally 'get' that number 5, I hope the new owner of that wonderful artwork does too!


  5. Okay, seriously! WHAT a good man - and I love that you challenged him to something and he set about making it happen (and you proud ;) BRAVO to you both!!
    And yes, Fab 5 - it looks good there ;) xoxox

  6. What great pictures. I love his inventiveness. A Brownie robot!!

    Your piece is really cool. I can't even imagine how much work went into it. The vintagey warmth of it is great for an inspirational space.

    Luckily, I have exactly that much room on my wall.

    Happy Halloween!


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