Friday, September 21, 2012

The Absent, Unforgotten - Concluded

A while back I made a piece I really love, partly because of the page from my wonderful old hymn book - the title of the hymn is "The Absent, Unforgotten".  I just love it, and like a dummy I ripped it out of the book and used it without even making a copy of it first.  Here's that piece I made -

So I was looking through the hymn book the other day, and found a page that must have been right behind the original that I hadn't noticed (again, what a dummy) titled "The Absent, Unforgotten - Concluded". I was so excited!  I immediately made a copy of it, then decided I needed to make a sister piece to the original with it.  I used a different plaster material, and a different way of transferring the balloon, and it's so interesting to see how differently it came out.  I thought I used the same blue color for instance, but they turned out so different I'm not sure now.

I can't decide which I like better, but it was a fun experiment!


  1. How lucky you found 'The conclusion'! Well done for not being so excited you forgot to copy this one!!!!

    I love both pieces.... I see what you mean about the colour. Both totally beautiful though.

    The texture, depth and colours are wonderful and off course your 'bits' are always so interesting.



  2. I can't decide either Terri... I LOVE them both... the hot air balloons are awesome... and the words are FABULOUS...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Talk about serendipity! Or meant to be . . . LOVE them both - I just want to reach out and touch (and smell ;) them. Love the addition of the sailing ship / card on the new one - really cool! xoxo

  4. YESSSSSS! (For blue babies with dunce caps!!) xoxo

  5. Absolutely gorgeous work - I LOVE both pieces - I particularly like the ethereal effect of the balloon in both of them, really lovely. The texture is amazing, especially in the closeup photo - I would love to feel them, they look so tactile.

    Well done for copying your second 'find' - I've often used original, special bits without copying them first - it's so annoying and sometimes I feel I'll never learn!

  6. These are just beautiful!! I love seeing the different techniques you use, and they are so different from what I do that it's fascinating!

  7. From one dummy to another, I really like BOTH pieces - the first reminds me of a vintage tile and the second has a more grungy look to it. They'd look great on a wall together.



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