Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dead Astaire and Mes Amis....

Meet Dead Astaire... I wish I could take credit for that name, but I must confess it goes to my always witty significant other ...  I've been having some fun putting together little digital collages then printing them directly on old pages... I love the look of the page showing through...

Then I was trying to figure out how to use a head from a beheaded Frozen Charlotte, and I became irrationally excited when it occurred to me that I could put it in a tiny watercolor tin from one of my new old sets - it had a bit of crusty old watercolor in it that just fell out, so I painted the inside black, partially filled it with Diamond Glaze, and put the head in. I was going for a specimen, creepy vibe - I have to admit, I love me some creepy... These are the silly things that can absolutely thrill me....

My Mom was in town, and Saturday she and I and my friend Val went to Mes Amis, a wonderful Vintage Antiques fair held here locally in Roseville twice a year. I hadn't been before, and we really enjoyed it.

 Two of the vendors had little tiny campers that they'd redone - they were absolutely darling inside, made me want to re-do one myself!

One of the things I was most impressed by were these big pot things at a man's booth. At first I thought they were clay or something, then when I got close I realized they're inside out wheels/tires - sheer genius!

The way they take the paint they look like old metal or clay...


  1. WOW - There's so much to say! First of all, I love your excitement about finding the perfect place to put your frozen head! I can totally picture the moment - and LOVE the idea of doing a collage printed on book paper. Really cool idea. AND can we talk about those trailers?! My Mom wants to do the same, and she is a decorator - so I can only imagine how cool it would be - these are darling! xoxo

  2. Such fun! You do creepy very well :)

    Looks like a really good day out.... and the trailers are so cool...

    Love how those tyres have been up cycled... they look so pretty.


  3. Wow, I am laughing so hard at this... I think I want my body frozen with my head. On second thought, give me a more athletic body!

  4. loving the way your combined the digital with the tangible in that piece. delightfully creepy - and a perfect name.

  5. Thank you! Yes, I worked in the new space for the first time yesterday and it was so nice to have everything organized and on view. I just wish I had a little baby with a blue dunce cap ;)))) xoxo

  6. Just fab - that's really great 'creepy' you've done there, and I love the title - well done to your witty significant other!

    When you say you print directly onto old pages, do you put the old pages directly through your printer, or do you mean you use transfer mediums? I have often wanted to put vintage papers through my printer but don't have the courage!

    The antique market looks fabulous - what a wonderful idea with the old tyres - they look amazing and even though you've told me what they are made of I still can't really believe it - they look so good!

  7. I love Dead Astaire. So much in that.

  8. I really love Dead Astaire. He is really quite clever. He looks wonderful amongst your Halloween decorations.


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