Monday, September 10, 2012

Birdman, and My Antiques Haul....

Over the summer we were enjoying a nest in our big climbing rosebush.  It's now deserted so we retrieved the nest, and ever since I've been trying to figure out how to use it in a piece of art.  Then my friend Val gave me this birdcage looking thing as part of a birthday present (sorry Val - I can't promise I won't take apart and just generally beat the shit out of gifts these days!) and I had the beginnings of what I needed. I wanted a head, and I finally resorted to sculpting one...

Bird nests fascinate me, the work involved in this thing!  The little bits of ribbon and things woven in...amazing....  I put chicken wire underneath to secure it....

And yesterday was 2nd Sunday, which in Sacramento means the Antiques Fair.  And I had a banner day, I must say - it's always pretty hit and miss, but my antiquing mojo was on....And since I love it when other people do this, I took a few pictures of some of what I bought...

I think the most exciting was a box of old watercolor stuff, a wonderful black metal box full of mummified little watercolor tubes, and 4 tins of little watercolor sets and old brushes - I got a great deal, depending on your perspective of course.... And the little baby with the blue dunce cap on, just cracks me up. He's got the most startling little, ummm, pee pee going on...

I have plans for this old brownie camera... and almost hidden behind the camera is a kitchen utensil, some kind of beater, that Karen from I am Rushmore uses to great effect for background texture.  I'm stealing your idea Karen, I'm confessing right now!


  1. What an amazing haul!!!! And your bird man is fantastic! I have always wanted to use a nest, but could never envisage how. Great job :D XXX

  2. fantastic stuff. I'm still totally in love with my little whisk thing. I can see yours ending up in some kind of assemblage eventually. bird man is sooooo cool.

  3. I LOVE your bird cage man.... and of course a bird nest in your garden would have ribbon in it!!!

    What an amazing array of items you took home with you... can't wait to see what you do with them!


  4. TREASURE!!!! Love it all - rusty, mummified, beaten and bashed, mmmmmmmm :)

    Your birdman is very cool. Nests are amazing aren't they? To think that those little creatures, with only beaks to use, created those fabulous structures. Amazing!


  5. I know I have said it time and time again, but you never cease to amaze me. Your birdman is terrific! Would have loved to have been with you when you were trolling for treasures . . . you found some great items.


  6. I need you to come shopping with me! I simply by pass so much stuff that you would pick up and see potential in - I love your 'finds'. I have recently photographed my mum's old paint boxes - they are very rusty and extremely mucky with old paint but I love them.

    I just adore that bird cage and nest - how innovative and creative - simply gorgeous!

  7. Absolutely LOVE your birdman Terri... your scuplted head is fabulous... and such wonderful treasures and goodies from the Vintage Fair... such awesome finds...

    Jenny x

  8. I saw the Birdman in person. Love it. It is genius. I approve the the shit beating out of your birthday present. Val

  9. As a birder, I approve of this message.

    You sculpted the head?! Is that paper clay? The piece is lovely.

    I want some watercolors! People are using these groovy old tins and I'm sitting here with the plastic sauce cups with lids. What's that about?!!?!


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