Monday, December 18, 2017

Where did it go?

I just saw that my last post was Nov. 3rd, and now it's a week until Christmas. Not sure how that happened. Well, I kind of do. Nov. 17th was the Christmas vintage show I'd been working on, and preparing for that was consuming all my spare time, not to mention my mental energy. I just don't do them often enough to be casual about them. Here are some pics I took before the show started and the chaos began!

It went well, but what a relief to have it over with!  

After that my focus turned to waiting for, and then being in San Francisco for a scary surgery my sister had to have. I'm so grateful that it went well, we couldn't have received a better Christmas present. It's so good to be home again, and it looks like my sister will be home in time for Christmas as well, and I couldn't be more grateful. Things like this certainly put things in perspective, even more so at this time of year.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy Christmas with your loved ones!


  1. It is lovely to see you back in Blogland and I am so glad that everything has gone well for your sister's surgery and I hope she is home for Christmas.

    I agree with you about how it puts things into perspective.

    The Christmas Vintage Fair sounds great fun (ok maybe not the preparation and panic involved!) but the end results laid out on display look wonderful.

    Lots of love

    Karen xxx

  2. Blessings of the season on you and your family. Look forward to seeing more of you in 2018 XXX

  3. How I would have loved to go to that fair - all your beautiful goodies look so enticing, and I'm really glad it went well for you.
    I'm so glad your sister is recovering well, what a horribly worrying time that must have been for all of you. As you say it certainly puts things in perspective.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas and your sister continues her good progress.
    Diana xx


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