Monday, September 25, 2017

Ah, Halloween

Fall is in the air - my favorite time of year.  And as soon as I sense it, cooler mornings, a falling leaf or two, I'm ready to decorate for Halloween.  So yes, my house is all decked out inside, and I had a spot where I wanted something Halloweeny to hang, so I decided to make something.

The two pieces are attached to make one long piece. I had a lot of fun putting these together, and even got out my encaustic wax equipment - I forgot how much I love transforming things with wax.

My Mom bought me this crow (pre-hardware) with something like this in mind for me to sort of steampunk him up. She'd seen one done and knew I had enough of a collection of bits and bobs to give it a go. My studio was a mess after going through everything trying to find just the right pieces, not to mention unearthing my hot glue gun, but he was worth it.

This is a much smaller version of a film cannister mailing container like the one from my last post, this time it's the front side. I loved how it's mailing address label looks like a frame.

I've been playing some more with image transfers of my previous work. This one is done on a piece of birch bark, and then glued into an old grater.

Another image transfer, on this old clipboard I found.

And last but not least, my new studio desk lamp. I've been desperately in need of one, but just couldn't seem to pull the trigger on any new ones I'd seen. Then when I saw this one I knew what I'd been waiting for. Old, full of character, completely positionable with a really small footprint, incredibly heavy so it won't knock over - it's perfect!  Well, as long as I don't accidentally touch the metal shade when it's on, surface of the sun is about what I'd compare it to...


  1. Well you look like you've been having fun :D fantastic art...and OH that lamp!!!!! XXX

  2. I LOVE the Halloween hanging - especially the Trick or Treat bag, it gives a real splash of colour. The crow is fabulous too and makes me smile - what an ingenious use for the icing nozzle! Loving your work and being inspired! x


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