Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Little Art, Early Halloween, and Design Inspiration

Very little art, would probably be a better description.  I've done a couple of pages in my fabric art journal, just playing around.  I've reached a point in this journal where I've done all of one page in each spread, but doing the opposite page is always difficult for me because I don't want them to take away from each other, my anal retentive nature wants them to coordinate. The page on the right below was such an attempt, although I don't think I really succeeded.  I should plan the two pages at the same time and do them together.  But I don't.

And since the weather has been surprisingly cool here lately, and since my next few weekends are booked up, I decided to decorate for Halloween early.  I figure if I don't have to have the air conditioner on while decorating for Halloween, I'm good!

I found a couple of these orange pillows at TJ Maxx and I just love them. They'll be perfect until I decorate for Christmas since they're not actually Halloweeny.

And now, a Canned Ham update!  We're finally going to be able to bring our new little 1962 vintage trailer home in a couple of weeks.  So my mind is spinning with what color I'll paint it, how I'll restore the inside etc.  So I found this little old French piece last weekend, and instantly new that this was going to be my design inspiration!  Not sure if I can actually customize the accent color for the outside to match this, but I'm gonna try!


  1. Wonderful art and magical decorations :D XXX

  2. I'm so excited 'Canned Ham' is coming home :)

    Love your decorating start point.... great colour!

    Love, love, love your Halloween decorating too.... your enthusiasm is inspiring!... it's early.... but then Hey when it looks that good why not enjoy it for longer ;)

    We just don't 'do' the Halloween thing like you do over there - our decorations tend to be a bit plasticky and cheap looking.... :(

    Great journal pages... especially love the first one.

    I really know what you mean about matching pages!

    You could try instead of doing the whole second page at the same time, just use some of the colours and elements on the second page that you use on the first... almost like a scrap page (cleaning of the brush etc/leftovers... then later you can come along and finish it off a bit easier. Did that make any sense at all??????

    Glad you are back :)


    ps Canned Ham 'before and afters' .... p l e a s e x

  3. I've been very lax in keeping up with my visiting and almost missed this - I'm so glad I didn't as I just love your decorations - and no it's not too early, I love getting the maximum out of each season and event - I once put our Christmas tree up in September so my young nephew could have a 'Christmas Birthday' theme on 4th October for his birthday - sadly he's too old for all that now!!

    I am loving your pages (especially the bird and wheel one) and I know exactly what you mean about the pages matching - I became so obsessed by it that I now only use one side of the paper and keep the back clear - thus halving the capacity of my journal, but I figure it's worth it for peace of mind! It also means I can stitch through or staple and punch the pages without worrying about what's on the back.


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