Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Flowers and a Canned Ham

I've been in a fabric and plaster mood lately apparently. I did a couple of pages in my fabric art journal, still working on flowers.

This is an illustration from a very old book that I just played with.

This is a hanging made with layers of old fabric,gauze, lace, plaster and ledger paper, hung with a sweet old child's hanger.

And, the best for last, a Canned Ham!!

This is my good friend's 1962 childhood trailer that's been stored at her Dad's for many many years. This style is known as a canned ham, for obvious reasons. She's giving it to us, and we finally got to see it last weekend!  It is completely original, orange, avocado green and brown upholstery and all!  It's in good shape considering how many years it's been sitting outside unused.  We're excited about restoring it - I'll keep you guys updated with before and after pics.  Of course first we have to get new tires on it and figure out how to get it home!


  1. I always get a feeling of happy anticipation when I see I have a new post of yours to enjoy.

    I love seeing your art.... today I especially loved the one on the childs hanger, so many contrasts to enjoy.

    canned ham ;) Well, I have to say 1962 is a very good year because that is when I was born (the very last day of it- so only just made it)

    Please, please do give step by step updates.... what a fun project... I just know you and your OH are going to make this totally amazing.

    Good luck with stage one, getting it home!

    Karen x

  2. Oh these are heavenly - I especially love the one on the hanger, such beautiful layers and your use of vintage textiles is perfect.
    The caravan is sooooo cute - I hope you have loads of fun doing it up and then going on road trips with it - like Karen I would love to see some updates!

  3. Heavenly is the word!!! I love the one on the hanger too!!


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