Monday, April 4, 2016


Many months ago I bought a gelli plate, and used it once to make some backgrounds on pages from my old Prescription Ledger.  I enjoyed having the pages available as a base for pieces or in journals and had used them almost all up, so I decided to make a new batch.  This launched me into some inspiration - finally! 

This framed little ink drawing on a scrap of it was a birthday present for my Mom, and I liked it so much I just kept going.

This one below is just glued to cardboard, which is then glued to the back of a scrabble tile holder, with the tiles then glued on. (My husband brought me home the old scrabble game the day I was working on this from somewhere, and the tile holders are the EXACT width of my papers - serendipity).

My hand was sore after drawing this one, but I enjoy really detailed drawing sometimes - very Zen!


  1. Fabulous pieces Terri! I especially like the Angel with her overhanging gown. Great to see you happily arting again :D XXX

  2. I'm so pleased you are sharing your wonderfully creative process with us. I so much enjoy seeing which way your imgaginative concepts wander. I think all creative's go through dry spells. The answer is that when it returns grab hold and go in whatever direction you are taken.

  3. I always look forward to visiting you :) It's a pleasure to see your icon pop up on my blog.

    What a brilliant launch... seems like you made up for lost time!

    Serendipity indeed with the scrabble pieces - I love how they worked out. Sweet husband :)

    I especially love the angel.... her faraway look and the detail on her wings and her gauzy dress are beautiful.

    Karen x

  4. Ooh, such beautiful work - your pen and ink drawings are exquisite. I also love your gelli print backgrounds, they are just fab - I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the gelli plate, sometimes I get results I'm really happy with and other times a whole afternoon will end in complete disaster with nothing worth keeping! I would have all your pieces on my wall but I am especially drawn to the little frozen charlotte piece - it seems to have a story to tell and it intrigues me.


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