Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mixed Bag

My sister had requested that I make her an owl painting for her birthday (well, actually, she asked for it for Christmas, but she got it for her birthday).  I've now given it to her so I can post it  - this was bigger than what I usually do, 18 X 24 I think, and was a lot of fun.  Lots of layers...

This is an assemblage piece I also had a lot of fun with.  I haven't done much of this kind of thing in a long time - I tend to accumulate too many pieces that I then have to figure out what to do with (and god forbid maybe actually try and sell), so I've been focusing on other things for a while.  But I have quite a collection of misc vintage treasure (to me they're treasure anyway)  and had fun going through them to put this together.

I imagine that these were all belongings of the girl in the tintype, that her name began with M and that these were all beloved items of hers.  I love this little broken remnant of a tiny old doll

This is a pastel I did on a page from a very old French book - the paper is so delicate I didn't want to use any water at all so I did it in pastels.  After I downloaded the picture I actually re-worked it since I didn't like her expression, it's amazing how changing her eyebrows completely changed her.  But I forgot to take another picture!

These are a few sketches I've done in my little kraft paper sketchbook, 

I feel a Marionette phase coming on....These are sketches of amazing real Marionettes I found online.