Thursday, August 6, 2015

A little playing around

I haven't done much on the art front lately, much less homework, just a little playing around (part of the reason though is from being out of town last weekend with a friend playing around in Bodega Bay).  I won't bore you with pictures as I've posted pics from there before, but we had a great time.

This one actually was semi-homework, essentially just playing around with collaging some paper bits on a canvas board then mostly finger painting to keep it really loose - it was a lot of fun.

The next two are small charcoal/pastel faces I did in my little Kraft paper book - I love doing faces on the colored paper, the white stands out so well.

This guy ended up looking meaner than I had planned though.

I'm trying to power through and actually finish one of my many art journals this month - we'll see how that goes, I'm out of town again this weekend, but maybe I'll take it with me and actually do something in it (this usually ends up being wishful thinking).


  1. Is an art journal eve truly finished lol....I know none of mine are :D XXX

  2. Really interesting portraits, they have such strong characters!

    I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Mean Guy... :/


  3. Your faces are wonderful. Finger painting gives such a spontaneous feel

  4. I do love seeing your faces..... I love the feeling and personalities that your people have :)

    Don't feel guilty about the homework - it's summer holiday time :)

    Karen xxx

  5. Fantastic faces - they are all so different and so individual. I'm amazed that the top one is finger painting - it's beautifully done and doesn't look at all messy or out of control - which is what happens when I finger paint! I like the chap - he looks tough but there's a Bruce Willis look about him too!
    I think everyone's art suffers when the summer arrives - there are so many other activities calling us, I actually look forward to wet days so I can work in my studio without guiltily feeling I should be out doing the garden!


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