Monday, July 20, 2015

The Last Empty Wall Space

Available wall space is always a rarity at my house - I tend to live in houses that are longer on charm than space, and I'm a bit of a collector.  So I've had a blank space crying out to me over one of my kitchen windows since we moved last year, but just hadn't been able to commit to anything.  Then a month or so ago I found an old wooden I don't even know what - drawer of some kind?  It's completely crooked in every way though so it's hard to imagine - part of it's mystery I guess!   I'm charmed by misfits and the general size was right so I brought it home and have been eyeing it ever since, trying to decide what to do with it.

I decided over the weekend to stop being so commitment phobic and just DO something with it, so I started playing, in the process pulling out half the contents of my studio. A lot of this can be moved around or taken out, so I didn't completely conquer my commitment issues, but some of it is there to stay, unless I were to do some SERIOUS sanding.

It was a good break from the portrait work I've been  doing, and really fun to get back to one of my great loves, mixed media assemblage.


  1. Your house sounds like mine! Minimalist living frightens me! :) your assembled collection is wonderfully quirky. I really admire your ability to do this so well and visualize the beauty in objects.

  2. I just love it! Such a sweet assemblage of items ..... I love how they all connect together and the blue/grey colour that flows through them and the wonky drawer is charming itself - and so full of character.

    Karen x

  3. That is an awesome "what-not" managed to use it without taking away its "oldness". Charming piece :D XXX

  4. Ooh love, love, love it! This is so you - it's gorgeous - a beautiful colour palette and a wonderfully eclectic mix of treasures! I love the grey metal thingy with the clock face on and I'm intrigued by the spikey wheel - I have been trying to figure out what it is, but I love it anyway!

  5. It's gorgeous! Way to go getting over your fear of commitment.

  6. Love it! Lovely colour theme and I really like all the bis 'n pieces. I'm also partial to a bit of wonky wood!



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