Thursday, August 14, 2014

What a relief...

To have finally created ANYTHING. I can't explain how hard it was for me to finally sit down to try, it's like I was away too long and lost my confidence, and I had absolutely no idea what I even wanted to work on. I kept procrastinating, finding new little projects around the house that needed my attention first, not to mention reading the newest Diana Gabaldon book (over 1200 pages). Last weekend I finally forced myself to sit down at my art desk. I grabbed a journal, glued down a few random pieces of paper and created a loose face out of pastels. And miraculously, I started enjoying it, losing myself in playing with the pastels, and it was such a relief.  The page is nothing special but it feels like a huge accomplishment for me.

Later I worked on drawing this face, from a magazine, detailed drawing is also something that I can lose myself in. But what cracks me up, and this has happened to me before, is that it wasn't until I downloaded this picture that I saw how crooked her eyes are, and don't even look at her ears.  It's just amazing how I could have stared at the page so long and not seen it til now - I find it to be an interesting phenomenon. I'll fix it tonight, but I thought what the heck, you can see the unadulterated version and chuckle.


  1. Hi Terri

    Funny how creativity goes in waves.... glad you are back on a roll now :)

    I'm not chuckling but I am smiling - you do have two very good eyes - they just don't match! I think matching is overrated ;)

    She has lovely lips (and teeth!) and very groovy hair. I like her!

    Karen x

  2. Oh it's so good to see you back creating again, and I know exactly what you mean about having trouble getting back into it after a break. I love both her eyes - mine don't match either! But I love quirky, characterful faces, ones that aren't stereotypically pretty or handsome - she's certainly interesting - I agree with Karen, I like her!

  3. Hi!!! OOooooh, HOW I know what you are saying!! Can you believe that in all of the creativity that surrounded me for the Summer of Color, I have only created ONE art page in the whole Summer! Gasp, I need to get in there too - just so I get my mojo back! BUT look what you did! Fabulous!! Love the pastels and yes, I too never see the whole picture until I take a picture of it. xoxo

  4. Does anyone have matching eyes anyway (without having had cosmetic surgery)?! She's cool and I'm loving her wild hair!

    So good to see you've tapped into your creativity again.


  5. I love the second drawing. She is very exotic and exquisite.


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