Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At last....

I've beaten back the chaos, unpacked all the boxes, found a place for everything (which was frequently the donation box) and have a studio at last. I tried to make it so that I'd feel inspired when I'm in it, surrounded by things I love, but we'll see how functional it is - pretty doesn't do much good if what you need most isn't at hand, so there may well be some rearranging.  I threw together a temporary work table with a door and couple of cupboards to hold it up - I'll replace it hopefully soon since it turned out to be much too high, I just don't know with what yet. In the meantime I'll be sitting on the fattest cushion I can find!  The little secretary desk below used to be my only work surface, so having some room to spread out will be amazing, propped up on a pillow or not.

The little monkey above, sitting on the old mail sorter or whatever it is, is a recent birthday gift from my Grandmother and is precious to me.  It was my great-grandfather's, and the head lifts off and there's a bottle inside that he used to keep his whiskey in.  If he was trying to hide his whiskey habit, I wouldn't think drinking out of a monkey would be the way to do it, but I love it!

Maybe my next post will have some actual art, if I still remember how!  


  1. Definitely inspiring, if a little neat!

  2. I enoyed having a snoop in your new studio. That monkey is too cute, I love the back story about your great-grandfather!

    Looking forward to seeing the artwork coming out of your new inspiring workspace (cushion 'n all!!).


  3. Your room looks fascinating - I love so many things - the little swivel holder for your paint tubes, the baking trays with bits and bobs in, and your gorgeous wire baskets - I also love the metal wall decor, like large pattern pieces - very striking. Thanks for letting me nose around - and I hope you have a very creative time there.

  4. Hey.... looking good! Sort of place I'd like to hang out for sure.

    So many 'bits' I'd love to pick up and look at!

    Happy creating :)

    Karen x

  5. It's wonderful! I agree that our work spaces need to be beautiful and inspiring as well as functional. My space wouldn't qualify as beautiful in most people's eyes, but I'm surrounded by many things I love - things that inspire, comfort and nurture my soul. That monkey of yours is perfect in there.

  6. Your room is so inspiring. I love the color of your walls.


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