Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Sounds of Silence

Just wanted to let my blog friends know that I am still alive and kicking.  Between a new job and an upcoming move, art has been on the back burner to say the least.  And, I must admit, I used to do much of my blog reading during breaks, lunches or slow times at work, and now I pretty much have none of those things!  

So, my house is in utter chaos, which I do NOT handle well, as my husband would readily tell you. And my art supplies are mostly in boxes.  As an aside, it is shocking to me, the sheer amount of art STUFF I have accumulated in the 4 or 5 years since I started this journey.  SHOCKING. I came face to face with all the art phases I went through as I packed, much of which I no longer use.  Sigh...

But the exciting part is that I'm actually going to have my own studio.  A little one, to be sure, but my own, no longer will I have the corner of our guest room.  It's going to take serious organization and planning to get it set back up again, hopefully far more functionally than my corner ever was.  Let's hope by the time I'm ready to go again I still remember how!

This is a picture of packing chaos I found online, I haven't even been organized enough to remember to take a picture of my own chaos.  I hope I get to catch up on your blogs soon, I miss you guys!


  1. YAY!!! Had kept you in my bloglist so I would see if you came back...*hates it when people just disappear* :D XXX

  2. good luck with the move. as stressful as it is, there's something to be said for the cleaning, purging, organizing that comes with it. I know just what you mean about the accumulated stuff that comes with each art phase. I've got a lot of stuff I bought in a frenzy when I was starting out and wanted to try everything and had no idea what I would like best. I think it's time for me to move some of that stuff out and pass it along!

  3. Oh, YAY! Your own studio to come! VERY exciting - your totally legit now ;))))
    I'm so sorry to miss you this year for the SOC, but please, don't worry a thing about it - looks like you have your hands full. Good luck and keep me posted! xoxoxo

  4. Oh, be good to yourself during all these changes! refuel!

  5. I completely understand....sigh....Be well...hope that all goes ok.

  6. Just found your Etsy shop and have popped over...
    A studio of your own?? It's my dream... one day...
    Nice to 'meet you' :-)

  7. Ugh, I know JUST what you mean about art supplies bought and then discarded in favour of the new sparkly art phase!

    Congrats on getting your own studio - looking forward to seeing all your creativity once your studio is up and running :)



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