Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dipping Back In

I've had a dry spell, to say the least, in terms of motivation to do art lately. But it's a gorgeous day here, my yard is in the early stages of exploding with flowers, and I finally felt like it was time to sit down at my art desk.  I've been wanting to try something Francoise de Felice ish from the week Kate Thompson did on her in Studying Under The Masters, I had done a rough sketch of faces but that's as far as I'd gotten.  It went off the de Felice rails pretty quickly, and I just went my own way with it.  I'm just glad I dipped my toes in again, especially considering that the online class from Gillian Lee Smith I've been waiting for is starting soon.

This one I did recently after receiving some pan watercolors I'd ordered (Grumbacher).   Danielle Donaldson recommended them in her Studying Under the Masters class so I was just playing around with them on a girl inspired by ones she paints.


  1. These are lovely - I particularly like the first one, which really does have an 'old master' look to it. As always you've rocked the texture! The second artwork has a gloriously quirky look - adorable!

    Now don't stop, keep the momentum going and do some more arting, you know you enjoy it!


  2. I am so pleased to see you back, blogging, painting, creating. I have missed you!. I adore the first piece, it does have a medieval look to it and is beautiful!

  3. I really love these! I wonder if we all go through this type of phase...but, what I love is that you kept going, and your work is amazing.

  4. Hi Terri

    Great work.... I especially love the last piece - really quirky!

    Karen x

  5. This is awesome! I bet you love your new goodies - and I LOVE what you did with them! The first piece is so pretty and I love the added texture - and you last piece is So cool - I love the birdcage. I hope you're doing well! xoxo

  6. Terri, I signed up for that workshop and have really loved some of the courses. I have not had the time to work seriously in it, though. YOU, however. So Good! I LOVE those blues in the second piece. And your faces are so good. I am inspired and look forward to the time when I can try out what I'm hearing about.

  7. Oh, Terri, that watercolor woman with the bird and cage is totally adorable!! You are so talented!


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