Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mish Mash

I've got such a weird variety of art to catch up on that I struggled to name this post.  But mostly I've got that satiated feeling I get when I have one of those rare weekends when I can spend the whole time on art if I want - such a treat!  Plus my weekend started out yesterday by being woken up to a bagel and a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks by my sweet husband (I'm not normally much of a Starbucks person, I like to go to our local coffee places instead, but when it comes to Pumpkin Spice season at Starbucks, all rules are off!!)
This first one is the result of me wanting to start sketching in pen and trying to give up the safety of an eraser.  So I took on drawing this dried Dahlia from a photo, and it ended up being quite an undertaking, but I enjoyed it.  I just sat in front of the TV and kind of zoned out a little while I did it, and I find that I really like that look of delicate really fine lines and detail.

This next one I did for fun, I have a scarf with similar birds on it and they looked like fun to draw.  This is entitled "Cold Shoulder", subtitled "He regretted suggesting that she devote more attention to him and less to her tail".

The next two are my attempt at getting better at a really loose style of scenic watercolor that I really like, but struggle with.  So hard for me to relax and let go of perfectionism and be loose with the paint. I have a long way to go, assuming I manage to remain patient and keep trying.  Patience isn't one of my strengths!

This morning we went to our local monthly Antique Fair, and I found some treasures I thought I'd share - that monkey is just too photogenic to resist! Got some old Shiny Brite ornaments (love the boxes), a great deal on a clock with broken glass (it'll be taken apart, the only way to afford old clocks for parts is if they have broken glass!), and some old lamp parts that Mario will hopefully also take apart and help me make mixed media assemblage magic with!

And lastly, we went to the Sausalito Art Festival last weekend (this was it's 61st year!).  It's quite an event with artists from all over the country, and it's in a gorgeous setting right on the water, I feel lucky that we're within driving distance of it.  I always find a few new artists who really inspire me.  Below is a pretty shot from it...


  1. How much do I love Sausalito?! MUCH!

    Oh, Terri, your painting is so pretty. I know just what you mean about getting watercolor right. I think it frustrates me more than anything I do.

    But that dahlia. Come ON!!! A triumph!

  2. Marvellous mish mash I think you meant!!!

    What variety. I especially love your watercolours -I have to say that monkey is a little bit scary - but other than that I love everything!!!!

    Karen x

  3. love those loose watercolor scenes. your patience pays off!

  4. My goodness....I would love to be able to watercolor that well!! Beautiful work.

  5. Your pen and ink drawing is exquisite - I really do love the delicacy of it, and your water colours are so beautiful - I really need to practice my painting techniques and you are enthusing me to pick up a brush!
    Your little finds are delightful - despite Karen saying he's a little scary, I think your monkey is adorable, and I would not have been able to walk past him either!
    I'm just back from a trip the US - we were a little early in the year for Pumpkin Spiced Latte's sadly, but I do remember how heavenly they are - quite addictive!

  6. Your Dahlia is wonderful, I love the fine lines and that you drew it on blue paper!

    The watercolours are great too - particularly the boat one, I love the reflections in the water. You remind me that I need to practice more with different mediums.

    Wonderful purchases from the antique fair - I'm so looking forward to seeing your Mixed Media Magic creations!


  7. All your art work is adorable, particularly found of the cold shoulder along with your little story.

  8. Oh SUCH lovely Mish Mashness!! I LOVE that Monkey too - but your pen work and the birds and and . . . all so lovely, especially the subtitle on the "cold shoulder" sigh . . . xoxo


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