Monday, September 30, 2013

An Abrupt Change in Focus

First, I do have one picture to post from a couple of weeks ago when I was still working on detailed flower drawings -  I do find these very therapeutic.

And just because, here's a pic of my handsome boys being so good and staying on the deck as they were told even though someone was walking by with dogs. 

Now on to my sudden change in focus - I've decided to have a booth at a Holiday vintage antique and art show coming up towards the end of November.  I have plenty of vintage antique goodies and creations, and plenty of art, but not enough Christmas items, so I've pulled out my Christmas stash and have called forth my inner crafter.  In spite of the strangeness of working on Christmas items in September, I've really been having fun.  Below are some of the finished items I've made, I've had multiple projects going on at once, and managed to finish these ones over the weekend.

I used a couple of precious old Christmas candles that I've been hoarding for these two, the round metal rings are from an old flour sifter I took apart.  I did find a tiny little drum last night that I'm going to add to the little soldier (it was a very exciting find!)

This is an old cigar box that I created a little Christmas scene in.  It's hard to see the tiny little reindeer in front in this picture, but it's my favorite part, he's very old.  The entire outside of the box is decorated as well ( I don't think I'll be doing more of these to sell - WAY too labor intensive.)

These little trees are made from a piece of old ceiling tile, cardboard, and various vintage goodies for their base.

This one is my favorite - I know you don't see angel butterflies every day, but that's just what she turned out to be.  Every single part of her is old except for the red glass glitter.  Her head I've had for several years - I planned to print an image and glue onto cardstock for her head, but once I had the idea to use this I couldn't go back.  I have a very old hymn book, and I opened it to see if there was any Christmas music in it and opened it first thing to Hark the Herald Angels Sing, so I pulled that page right out.  ( I should have scanned it first before I cut it into butterfly wings, now that I think about it...)


  1. I LOVE that your 'boys' have such different ears! They are both so handsome :)

    I LOVE all of your Christmas decorations..... they are so beautiful and I adore the vintage style. The cigar box is so sweet.... and my favourite.

    I do wish I could pop along to your booth.... but as I can't :( please take lots of pics!

    Happy making!

    Karen x

  2. ps I hadn't heard of the book you mentioned.... I will be reading it though and lending it to my mum :) as I read the reviews and it sounds like my 'type of story'

    Karen x

  3. Oh I do hope your Christmas booth goes well, that buterfly angel is fantastic and so unusual! I always admire your drawing style and the flower drawing is just beautiful, you are right drawing something you love is so calming.

  4. Wow!!! I love what your change in focus has brought on!!! Your work is really beautiful!!

  5. Get OUT!! Those trees!!
    I promised myself I was NOT going to pressure myself with holiday deadlines, but I may just have to make these trees. What lovelies! I mean, I will have to work on making them work because I don't have those bases and I don't have ceiling tiles, but to just figure out how to make them stand up all over the house... it's worth the extra mental muscle! That's if... I have it.

    Thanks for your inspiration.


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