Saturday, March 3, 2012


I must confess, when my man takes off on a weekend morning to go golfing, I do not sit around pining for his return.  As soon as he's out the door I throw clothes on, throw the dogs out, grab one of my journals and usually an Anthropologie catalog and head to my favorite local cafe, Old Soul.  There I settle down with a delicious latte and do some journaling and some people watching. Then I find a picture I like in Anthropologie (the women usually have very interesting faces, with different kinds of lighting).

This is as far as I got today before I got tired of sitting, and feeling guilty about the dogs, who I'd promised a trip to the park. Much more work to do, but a decent start. This has been a very dry winter (I miss rainy days at home), but it does mean weekends have been good for golfing...


  1. You brave woman! I would have a hard time with people watching in a quiet coffee shop! This is very cool. You really captured her expression, too, which I think would be the hardest part.

  2. I love that you would go out to journal/sketch.... I'd be far to self conscious. I love people watching.... but I'm not to keen on being watched myself!!!

    I love too your idea of drawing faces from a magazine.... since I've been doing 'Life Book' I find I study faces more all the time, in magazines and on TV.... looking at shading and such.

    When my husband watches football matches on TV.... he feels a little guilty (!) but I am really happy 'arting'

    ps where did you live before with 'rainy days' - sounds like England!!!!?


    1. Actually, I've never lived anywhere near as rainy as England, I've always lived in California, but it's Northern Calif. and we often have pretty rainy winters - last year especially. But this year has been terribly dry, and I just miss rainy days - especially at home - it's so cozy staying home on a rainy day.

      I love drawing faces - not something I ever thought I'd be able to do, but I took a couple of online classes from Suzi Blu, and it was like a whole new world opened up. I've tried actually sketching people I see while sitting in a cafe, as people sometimes do, but I'm too worried about them noticing and feeling uncomfortable - I would hate that if I saw someone continually staring at me like that.

  3. I love your pencil drawings - they are so delicate and sensitive. In all the areas of art we were introduced to at college I just could never get into drawing people - somehow I can't seem to capture expressions and they always looked like robots! I admire your skill and the way you get expression and personality into your drawings - lovely work.

  4. Hi again!

    Thanks for replying - here and on my blog :)

    You're right... when you reply here I don't get to see it on my blog.

    Lots of people do seem to reply on their own blog to questions asked of them - especially people perhaps with lots of followers (maybe a time thing?)... but I don't have many people leaving me comments so I prefer just to pop back to their blog to leave a reply. I think people seem to do both.

    I haven't attempted to put an email button on my blog - maybe I should try it!

    I love Suzi Blu.... I've seen some of her videos on line - she is fun - slightly mad but in a very good way!

    California...... lucky you. I loved the O.C tv show!


  5. Hi Terri

    Thanks for visiting :)

    No, I haven't done a Brave Girls class - they do look good, at the moment I am just signed up for the 'Daily Truths'.... I really like them.

    Can't wait to start the lettering class.... it looks great.



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