Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Assemblage

I started picking up old "G" print blocks when I saw them, to make something for my Mom's birthday (her name is Gloria). I wasn't sure what I was going to make, but her birthday is this week so I was forced into action. After quite a bit of playing around and rooting through my boxes of miscellaneous rusty hardware this is what I came up with.  She loves birds, as I do, so it seemed like the perfect thing to perch on top for a Spring birthday. 


  1. What a wonderful idea - this is really lovely. I'm sure your mum will be so pleased. I love old printing blocks and the inkier and spottier the better! The bird just tops it off perfectly.
    You've now got me thinking about what to do with mine - I feel inspired, so thank you!

  2. What a wonderfully unique present. Your mum (mom!) is sure to love this.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mom!
    This is really sweet and an very interesting use of old, new, neutral and blue!


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