Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mt. Shasta

I've been jealously enjoying gorgeous pictures of English countryside and cathedrals on some favorite new blogs, and thought I'd represent this side of the pond with some pictures of our trip to Mount Shasta last weekend. My parents gave us a night at a wonderful cabin on Siskiyou Lake there for Christmas, and we wanted to go while there was still snow on the ground.  It was a beautiful clear weekend and the mountain was stunning, as you can see. We went to Castle Lake, which was frozen over (I've never seen a lake frozen over before - and there was no way I was getting out on it!).

In the parking area there was a group of about six pre 1967 VW buses - fabulous!  A big group of them caravan around the country every year, breaking down frequently from what they said. The goal is to spend the least amount of money aquiring one as you can, and then somehow get it running and keep it running on these treks. They looked like a bunch of hippies having a great time!

This is a view from the the deck of our cabin, and we took a ridiculous number of pictures of these birds - I wanted a good enough one that I could draw it later. I proudly showed the pictures to my Dad, who loves birds, and he immediately deflated me by telling me they're mean and he's seen them snatch baby birds out of nests and kill them. Oh well, they're undeniably pretty...


  1. What stunningly beautiful scenery - what a wonderful place to stay - now I'm feeling envious! I love your photo of the Blue Jay - I desperately tried to photograph some when I was over in California, but the photos were very disappointing - they are such beautiful birds, so much brighter than our Jays, who just have a small flash of blue when they fly.

  2. Your photographs are really amazing.... I love the idea of a log cabin... like in Calamity Jane :) You could never get bored with that view.

    It is a pretty bird even if it does have a bit of a mean streak... I have never seen a bird that blue.

  3. Oh, these sights. Just stunning. Great photos! I am a birder, and I love the Stellar's Jay, and I know it's not a vegetarian, but it's not being mean. It just knows what it needs. You have captured its colors so well, and the little-seen pattern on its back. awesome!


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