Wednesday, May 18, 2016


My art momentum has stalled a little with the beautiful Spring weather and my garden and yard projects calling me, but not completely. I'm still really enjoying playing with my decorated, gelli-printed pages from my old pharmacy journal.  

I'm seeing peonies, my favorite flower, in bloom right now, which inspired this one.

I was excited to finally think of something to use this little fabric bird for!

This one was inspired by a branch of dried up camellia leaves.

I hope you're all getting to enjoy some Spring weather - I know I always treasure this time before it gets too hot here.


  1. I really am enjoying your current style of working. Something very ethereal about them :D XXX

  2. I am enjoying it too! Especially your flower pieces.

  3. What stunning work - I love the way you've used those wonderful textile pieces and the little bird is delightful. I love peonies too and your drawing is beautiful - although all those petals would put me off attempting it!

    It's quite a short period of time between too cold and too hot over where you are if I remember rightly - enjoy spring while it lasts, it's definitely the best time of year!

  4. Such pretty pieces.... I especially love the girl with the bird - great quote too :)

    Best idea to be out in the garden this time of year.... everything grows so quickly.... I love Spring... so full of promise

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    Karen x


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