Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Journal pages

I haven't been home much lately, but I have made a little progress in my mission to complete this particular art journal.  We went to the Sausalito Art Festival on Sunday, which provided me with inspiration as it always does, so hopefully that will help me make it to the finish line.  Wonderful artists were there as always, and fun live music in a gorgeous setting.  I've posted pics before so I didn't take any this time, but I gotta say it was much hotter than it should be in Sausalito which is right on the bay near San Francisco - I felt sorry for the artists sitting in those sweltering tents all day.

The following two are my take on a couple of Stefano Bessoni characters - I love his twisted yet whimsical art (although the first one is just cute, but definitely with some trouble brewing in those eyes), and I'm getting in the mood for Halloween as I long for Autumn.


  1. As always your backgrounds are amazing and give such depth to your work - I love the text and paintwork in the first piece and I adore the feather against that beautiful background. I've never heard of Stefano Bessoni but I'm rather taken with the little cute character with the mischievous look - the last one reminds me of Munch's 'The Scream' - kind of disturbing but totally perfect for Halloween!

  2. Loving watching your exploration of art styles with your journal :D XXX

  3. Fantastic..... I am especially liking those quirky little characters - on the dark side of cute ;)

    Karen x

  4. Days out are always inspirational and I love how you were inspired :)

    Those little characters are fun - what fabulous facial expressions!

    I love Autumn too...


  5. I'd love to look through your journals. Your pages are always such a delight. That festival does sound inspirational I wish we had something similar here!


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