Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mystery Man

 I was doing some more pastel practice, creating a portrait.  After quite a lot of lost time in which I got completely absorbed in it ( I love when that happens), I stopped, stepped back and looked and thought "Who are you?"  He started out very differently, and I almost feel like I just exposed a face that was already there rather than creating him from my imagination.  Anyway, he's a total mystery to me, and I like wondering about his story. 


  1. Ooh, that's ever so slightly spooky isn't it?! He really does look like he was waiting to be revealed. He definitely needs a back story........


    1. Super cool drawing, btw! Great skin tones.


  2. His eyes look sad, I am sure he does have a tale to tell. Wonderfully painted.

  3. Um, yeah. This is BRILLIANT!!! It reminds me somehow of your cool altered pieces that you have sold in a booth / show. It would go so well with hubby's altered monkey! Your art is growing and changing and I love all the softness of this - as well as the mystery of it. Probably one of my new favorites of yours! xoxo

  4. He is exquisite - so delicately drawn and he has the most amazing eyes - I love his soulful expression.

  5. Stunning work Terri.... I find him rather mysterious.... he looks like he is reflecting back on his life. Great face shading :)

    Karen x

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment about the cover! I hope you are doing well! Love to you! xoxo


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