Monday, October 28, 2013

Catching Up

I'm way behind in posting my Christmas projects, I've been out of town every weekend and most of last week due to a family issue, but here goes.  These are all just pieces for the upcoming Holiday show I'm going to be participating in. I've been buckling down evenings after work, but I always enjoy them once I get started.

This first one my husband made, it's a salvaged snowman robot, with an old Christmas record in his bottom circle - that was an exciting find.

 This one is a little scene in a cigar box, this one just makes me happy to look at. I decorated the outside too, below.

These are some bigger trees I made with a cardboard base then covered with pieces cut from a very old quilt.  Then I sewed on some old lace and stitched in red embroidery thread.

I found a couple of tiny little file drawers recently and made this little Christmas scene in one of them. I love these old Christmas candles.

These are cone ornaments made with a couple of Dutch cookie molds I found a while back, I so wish I'd bought more at the time!

This is an old jelly jar with a wonderful tin lid. It was really hard for me to cover it up, but I did it anyway.  You can pull the little Santa much farther up that little coiled wire you see, then he kind of bounces down to the bottom, I was so excited when I found him!


  1. I feel really Christmassy now!!!!! What wonderful decorations.... I especially love the Christmas Trees made from the Quilt.

    You have been so busy :)

    Karen x

  2. Okay, Terri? These are the sweetest damn things. I can say that if I want to. And that little shadowbox is my favorite! I made nothing for Halloween, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to make something for Christmas!

    I can say that, too.

  3. Oh haven't you been busy - you put me to shame! I do so love the little box - and the Christmas trees out of the old quilt are delightful! I love the way you find treasures and then put them to such good use - so clever and creative. I am now just wishing I could visit your Christmas Fair!

  4. Terri these are all GORGEOUS!! I love that you've used old and retro stuff, it gives everything such a nostalgic feel - perfect for Christmas :)

    And you can tell your old man that his snowman is FANTASTIC! Such fun and so funky :)



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