Monday, July 29, 2013

An Experiment and a Surprise

So, first the experiment.  I bought a roll of translucent film that has a sticky side and a side with some texture on it, it's a Tim Holtz product (even after swearing off of any new products, I'm so weak).  So I created a quick sketch with oil pastels, too quick apparently because her eyes are way off.  The first picture below has the film attached to a page in my fabric journal that's covered in plaster and painted with flowers and text.  And on the one below it it's just attached to the plain linen page next to it.

I definitely prefer the top one - the flowers underneath distract from the fact that I completely messed up the bottom 3rd.  I put some of the backing paper underneath it so I wouldn't get the red pastel all over the linen, and apparently I put the wrong side down because it completely stuck to it, and after much scraping I finally resorted to finger nail polish remover and by that time it was completely messed up, you can see the line where I had it folded back.  Lesson definitely learned!
Now, for my surprise. I got my first ever piece of mail art last week.  The talented, and hilarious, Chris of parabolic muse is kicking butt in the Index Card a Day challenge that many people are participating in right now.  I gushed over one of hers in particular, and lo and behold it arrived in my mailbox - so exciting!

I just love anything with a checked pattern, and combined with the trees and that red sun against the green, I just love it.


  1. love your dear little girl,she has beautiful blue eyes.

  2. OMG! I just came over here while eating mac and cheese! I had no idea you'd made me a star!! I'm very glad you like it. I was going to seal it, but sometimes the gel pens don't like that.

    I don't work with plaster. I also don't have any of those Tim Holtz neato things that you're talking about that sounds NEAT! However, even if I did, I must tell you that I like your portrait. I like her look of innocence, like she's seeing us for the first time and just pondering. I also am not sure what you mean about the bottom third, as it looks perfectly integrated. See, this is why I don't draw people. They confuse me all the time.

    Nice work, Terri!

  3. How fabulous Terri... that translucent film sounds amazing and I love the end result... your girl is beautiful... and awesome mail art... hearing lots about index cards at the moment...

    Jenny ♥

  4. The translucent film sounds interesting..... and I love how you have played with it. I've never heard of it before. I really like the background in the top one.

    Stunning Mail Art from Chris :)

    Karen x

  5. I think she's beautiful and I love the look of thoughtfulness on her face - the eyes are amazing. I don't know what the Tim Holtz stuff is you've used but it sounds interesting - might keep my eyes open for that! I love what's happening in the background of the first image - I love seeing glimpses of layers through images, and you always achieve that so beautifully.

  6. Bloggers are awesome! AND I love your girl - so there!
    So happy to see that we are both getting back on the art horse ;)
    Thank you for your comment too - I TOTALLY agree about the best cabinet cards not being used - this was a favorite of mine but I thought, If not now . . .
    Hope you are well! xoxoxo


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