Friday, November 30, 2012


Between the Thanksgiving holiday and then coming back to surgery the next day, I haven't been doing any art or even felt up to keeping up with all your wonderful blogs - I hate the feeling of being behind on what's going on with all of you, but have really only felt up to laying around and watching any Christmas movies I can find. I planned ahead and decorated my house early, and even put up a Christmas tree the night before my surgery. If I was going to be laying around the house for a week, I wanted to be looking at a Christmas tree!  I took some pictures of the house yesterday, I thought I'd share my view if I don't have any art to share, but after downloading them I've realized how bad I am at taking indoor pictures. I didn't even get a decent one of my Christmas tree.  I think I'll just go ahead and blame my camera...

God-awful picture of my Christmas village...

I adore this old French hand holding up some garland

My little nutcracker tree in my bedroom

And lest anyone feel too sorry for me, my Mom is here which has been a treat, and she baked me some of her fruit cake (don't judge) the best, most Christmasy smell and taste there is!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Woman

Well, my name is new anyway, which is so weird.  I went and got myself hitched last week - we eloped, although my parents were there so I'm not sure it technically counts as eloping. We were going to Pismo Beach for a week, and we decided what the heck, let's get married. I so wasn't interested in any fuss or planning a big wedding, which is probably why we never did it.  But we thought, a quick wedding at a courthouse but in a special place, that sounded good.  So we got married at the courthouse in Santa Barbara, which is so beautiful.  Then we stayed the night at a hotel right on the beach - quite a change, going from a tiny bed in a trailer to a beautiful suite, it was heavenly.  Here are a few pictures:

" I do"

The boys looking very debonair

The courtyard of the courthouse, this was the view behind us during the ceremony

The main entrance of the courthouse

The view from our hotel room

I'll be getting back to art soon, hopefully.  Between Thanksgiving next week and sinus surgery the week after that, my month is crazy, then it's full on Christmas. At this point, I'm just hoping to complete a few Christmas projects.  But I'll be arting vicariously through you guys!