Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I'm feeling better, and have been busy wrapping and finishing my shopping and even made some tag/ornaments - it felt good to be at my art desk again!  This month is always such a whirlwind - I wish time would just slow down a little...

I just grabbed some tags and dug into my miscellaneous Christmas stash and had fun  - it's been too long since I had done that and I really enjoyed it.  German glass glitter is everywhere though - it turns out I'm not a very neat and tidy glitterer.  That was mostly for a different project that I haven't managed to photograph yet, but I don't think my desk will ever be the same.

As I was sitting and enjoying my tree last night I decided to try and get a nighttime picture of it. The lights are called flicker lights, and they each independently flicker like a flame, with a very gold light - I've had them for years and can only find replacement bulbs on e-bay sometimes. I dread the day I won't be able to buy more... This picture doesn't really capture the flicker action, but it's the best I could do!

Christmas trees make me happy!


  1. Christmas trees make me happy too :)

    Super tags. I haven't even started my Christmas cards yet - I think I might have to pass on doing the home made cards thing this year. "I am not Superwoman" (that's my new mantra!!).


  2. Your tree looks lovely...... I do love this time of year!

    Well done for getting around to making tags....and such pretty ones too. I bet your face looks nice and glittery too - it does go everywhere doesn't it?

    I am so glad you are feeling better :)

    Lots of love


  3. Um, since you are apparently all done with your wrapping too, I expect you over here to START mine! Ugh . . . pretty pretty tags and gorgeous tree! xoxo

  4. nice tags! I especially like the use of bottle caps.

  5. That is a gorgeous photo of your tree - very atmospheric - I just want to curl up on your sofa and gaze at it!!!
    I love your tags too, lovely vintage feel - so glad you are feeling better and up to doing some arty stuff again.

  6. Terri! Are kidding?! These tags are awesome! Glitter doesn't have to be tidy!!

    I'm very glad you're feeling better. And the holidays move too quickly. You don't want to miss them!


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