Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art Journaling and Inspiration Paralysis

I thought I'd share some of my art journal pages.  This is a variety that I happened to have scanned, as you can see I flit around a lot between different styles and mediums, depending on my current inspiration and what I may want to experiment with.  I love art journals, I love the whole thought of them. Art done just for yourself, with no one else to try to please, no wondering what you'll do with your piece when it's done. It just sits there on a shelf waiting for you to flip through and enjoy all over again.  I'm very sporadic about it though.  I feel sometimes like a sponge, that's absorbed too much inspiration, ideas and techniques to try, and it paralyzes me. Having a full-time job, when I finally find the time and energy to sit down in my "studio" (corner of our guest room), deciding what to settle down and work on is always the most difficult part. Sometimes I wish I had settled on just one thing that is my thing, art journals, painting, encaustic, plaster, assemblage etc.  Then I could just focus on that one thing and have less noise in my head, but I can't, I love them all. Maybe someday...

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  1. Thats why I love art journals so much too... the freedom of doing art just for yourself. I love looking at my old journals... just glancing at a page brings back so many memories and feelings.

    I also find it much harder to sit down and do anything when it is 'art time' - at other times ideas are popping into my head quite regularly... when I sit down 'to do' - nothing!

    So I just start ripping up paper or get some paint on a page - just to get going :)


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