Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Phrenology Love

I don't know what it is about these Phrenology heads that I love so much - it was pseudo-science at best, but the images speak to me of self-analysis, looking inward and understanding what makes yourself tick. Plus there's just something visually appealing about them. I'm lucky enough to have found an old book devoted entirely to Phrenology, so I can use the images and some of the text.  This is one of my plaster experiments, I love applying plaster somewhat roughly, then playing with the texture with layers of paint. And I just love this little metal plaque, maybe an old bicycle license plate? I was thrilled that it says BE, sometimes it's so hard to just be, to be comfortable in our own skin. Anyway, I attached it with some old rusty baling wire that someone gave me - people know that if it's rusty, I'll take it off their hands!  There are a couple of coats of clear encaustic wax applied as well, which I think gives it a dreamy quality. Since I'm on the subject, here's another piece I have right now featuring a phrenology head...

I made this using plaster gauze wrapped around a wood board - it adds great texture.The dots are made from molding paste, and there's the requisite piece of old mystery hardware and some rusty wire wrapped around it...As my significant other said, this one is SO me....

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